VAlzheimer Archive - You're Here

Hello and welcome to VAlzheimer Studio Archive! This site was discontinued in February 2015 and all work created afterwords is available at

Q: Why are there two VAlzheimer websites?
A: As time goes on we all grow and move on. This archive website is here for not more than sentimental value and as a reminder of my beginnings in 3D Art and Daz Studio. In the meantime my style and technique have changed, render engine for Daz Studio upgraded as well as their figures, which resulted in the new site that is VAlzheimer where more up-to-date art and technique are presented.

Q: What are the rules of VAlzheimer Archive?
A: Same rules and Copyright Notice apply to all and any domains and subdomains that are available under

Q: Can I use your old art for my own projects considering they're moved away from your official page?
A: Same rules apply to this gallery as they do on my new one. For rules of usage contact me at or get more information at the Copyright Notice page.

Q: I don't remember seeing this website before, where was it until now?
A: This website existed since 2013 and was created as the posts on it were made, but it wasn't available to public for a while between 2016 and 2019. Since I never permanently removed it, I have decided to bring it back and keep it as a memento of my beginnings as the artist.

Q: Where else can I follow your work?
A: I am at the various sites and galleries (Daz 3D, Renderosity, Deviantart, Artstation) under the same alias as I have always been: valzheimer

Thank you for visiting!


3D artist and vendor at Daz 3D store. Using Daz Studio, Iray, Octane, 3Delight, Blender, Zbrush, Marvelous Designer, GIMP and Inkscape to create 3D art and content. Coffee and cigarettes addict. You may call me V.