VA2015: Happy New Year from Elite Models 3D!

click image for full view (2000x2500px)

It's that time of the year when fireworks go off and we open yet another, 
third season in the row, this time for the year 2015!!


families would like to wish all of our friends (new & old), our artistic friends, and vendors 
and our newly expanded real world families a pleasant and prosperous new year.

May you find love & happiness throughout the year ahead.
Todd & Verica


Resources: Faith and Devin for G2F (custom VAlzheimer Studio models, yes DEVIN is finally back with us!); Ava for G2F, Kyokyo for G2F, Project EYEris with SSS expansion,; OOT Miranda Hair, Neftis Candee Curlz for G2F; Clubbing Cowl Dress for G2F, Girls Night Out for G2F, LF Radiance for V4, Scandal for Radience by Sveva; Bashable backdrop, DM's Art Infinity, VAlzheimer Studio Freebie "Happy New Year 2015" sign - get it HERE for free!

Technical: Standard camera with DOF, VAlzheimer Elite Lights 01 with AoA Advanced Spotlight with custom Gobo  - rendered in DAZ Studio 4.7 using 3Delight render engine at 32 pixel samples, postwork in GIMP.

All other character, scene and materials customization by VAlzheimer Studio.

Thank you for looking!

Note: you are not allowed to edit, reproduce or repost this artwork elsewhere without the strict written permission of VAlzheimer Studio. For more information please refer to Rules and FAQ section of this webpage. Thank you.


3D artist and vendor at Daz 3D store. Using Daz Studio, Iray, Octane, 3Delight, Blender, Zbrush, Marvelous Designer, GIMP and Inkscape to create 3D art and content. Coffee and cigarettes addict. You may call me V.