VA2014: Girls Unsupervised II

click image for full view (2500x2000px)

A sequel to the "Unsupervised" series :)
Featuring Ambie (with Sabby's Textures) and FW Eve with some newly bought items ^^.

Resources: Stonemason's Abandoned Interiors: Warehouse, ART Collab Garbage, Stonemason's props; FW Eve (SSS), Ambie, Sabby Bunny (SSS); OOT Sexy Overalls with Tendency Textures, Blaze for G2F with Dashy Textures, Badlands Sirena with More Textures & Styles for Badlands Sirena, Cute3D Boots and High Tops.

Technical: Atmospheric Fog Camera with slight DOF, Uber Environment 2, 2 specular lights, 1 distant light, 1 Advanced Spotlight - rendered in DAZ Studio 4.6 using 3Delight render engine at 32 pixel samples in 3000x2500px res, no postwork.

All other character, posing and scene customization by VAlzheimer Studio.

Thank you for looking!

Note: you are not allowed to edit, reproduce or repost this artwork elsewhere without the strict written permission of VAlzheimer Studio. For more information please refer to Rules and FAQ section of this webpage. Thank you.


3D artist and vendor at Daz 3D store. Using Daz Studio, Iray, Octane, 3Delight, Blender, Zbrush, Marvelous Designer, GIMP and Inkscape to create 3D art and content. Coffee and cigarettes addict. You may call me V.


  1. Well hello Ambie & Eve.^^
    This is excellent babe & I particularly like how they are "bathed" in shadow.
    The contrast of lights illuminating their upper torso really give this piece mood & atmosphere.
    The posing & facial expressions are great & we feel their investigative uncertainty.
    Any clues as to what they are finding so interesting please?
    Hidden treasure - a secret door - or merely a Hyacinth in need of watering, lol?
    Whatever, this is a magic render. Claps & big hugs for you right now... *clap* *HUG* xx

    1. I've been wondering where have you been, I missed you hon *hugs*

      The origin of starting the render was half testing SSS (I never use this much) and getting the grip of that Advanced Spotlight that's always bothered me LOL. Not to mention there's so many items I got on sales recently and I never rendered once :D

      I'm considering expanding the "Unsupervised" series with wandering girls exploring warehouses and dark corners, this Abandoned Warehouse was perfect because it has so many cracks all over the place (not to mention I worship Stonemason's environments), having surprising light brought to their attention from the roof could be a falling-through zombie, a crashed plane, or simply someone flashing them because they're in restricted area...? ^^ It's fun leaving a story open for ideas :))

      Thank you for stopping by and lots of love <3

    2. Yes please to expanding the "Unsupervised" series over time! :D
      Advanced Spotlight is awesome for flagging transmapped surfaces like hair.
      I love the AoA Ambient light too, way better & much quicker than UE2.
      Email me if you wanna know more...
      Forget the Distant Light though; waste of time. Luv ya back. xx