VA2014: 'Tis The Season Of The Dragons...

click image for full view (1800x2000px)

"'Tis the season of the dragons, so they say..." 

Featuring Khaali, custom Genesis 2 Female character. 
Commissioned render sold for 50$ in original 2500x2500px resolution.

Resources: DM's Fantasy Bath, SASE Kaida, Dawn, SAV's Dragon Lady Hair, Wet Body for V4, Piccolo Dragon(s).

Technical: Fog camera with DOF, Uber Environment 2, 2 specular lights, 1 distant light, 1 linear point light - rendered in DAZ Studio 4.6 using 3Delight render engine at 32 pixel samples, no postwork.

All other character, textures, posing and scene customization by VAlzheimer Studio.

Thank you for looking!

Note: you are not allowed to edit, reproduce or repost this artwork elsewhere without the strict written permission of VAlzheimer Studio. For more information please refer to Rules and FAQ section of this webpage. Thank you.


3D artist and vendor at Daz 3D store. Using Daz Studio, Iray, Octane, 3Delight, Blender, Zbrush, Marvelous Designer, GIMP and Inkscape to create 3D art and content. Coffee and cigarettes addict. You may call me V.


  1. Wow really love how she turned out.

    Great render.

  2. Gorgeous render depicting the "Queen of Dragons."
    The specular maps look great & the water-level is just right.^^
    Wonderful body & the expression is priceless. Love it! xx

    1. Thank you so much ^^ I was working hard on this one, I don't usually do fantasy renders so it was more of a challenge. I was bit iffy about getting a last minute request to expand the view to her thighs so it would show the water so I also lifted the water level to make it fit the rest and not cross the line of the mysteriousness in it :D Glad this became so popular, it took 37 hours to render in the original 2500x2500px.

    2. Wow! That is a HUGE render time but the results are lovely.
      I've been using your helpful DOF tips & did this image recently:
      It took 3 hours. That's the longest render time ever for me, lmao. Thank you! xx

    3. Gotta love the babe with a stand ^^ My renders are longer and longer as more quality is added to the newest releases, not to mention SSS that eats my RAM like crazy, lol. This one was by far the longest I ever did :))

  3. Wow simply beautiful! One of my favourite characters from GoT and
    you have done a stunning job of her! Great work!

    1. Thank you hon, good to see you here even if I have to send the dragons out to make it happen ^^