VA2014: Bad Guy HD

click image for full view (2000x1600px)

Featuring Boris HD for Genesis 2 Male.

Resources: Boris HD (HD details 50%, HD veins 20%) and Bad Guy 2 by Smay, Dean skin, Stonemason's Abandoned City.

Technical: Camera with DOF, Uber Environment 2, 2 specular lights, 2 distant lights - rendered in DAZ Studio 4.6 using 3Delight render engine at 32 pixel samples, no postwork.

All other character, posing and scene customization by VAlzheimer Studio.

Thank you for looking!

Note: you are not allowed to edit, reproduce or repost this artwork elsewhere without the strict written permission of VAlzheimer Studio. For more information please refer to Rules and FAQ section of this webpage. Thank you.


3D artist and vendor at Daz 3D store. Using Daz Studio, Iray, Octane, 3Delight, Blender, Zbrush, Marvelous Designer, GIMP and Inkscape to create 3D art and content. Coffee and cigarettes addict. You may call me V.


  1. Nice work again, hon!
    This Boris HD is really a fantastic character, don´t you agree? =)

    1. Oh he's one of the best! ^^ I so completely fell in love with the character and I'll be incorporating him into the character development and Pete's background (that involves two bad guys: bad Guy Freak i showed before and the other one more of a "Good Cop" profile, Bad Guy imagined by Smay), so he'll be the first uncustomized figure I will use for my future renders :))

      I was thrilled to see the look as in one of my older renders I tried making the Bad Guy figure on my own in Genesis and he wasn't quite there so I left him on hold. Seeing Boris coming to DAZ3D store I almost screamed saying "THAT'S HIM! This is EXACTLY how i imagined he should look like!" :)) Not to mention the amount of details in the sculpt that still leaves me speechless. Smay did a beautiful job on this one.