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- General Rules and Copyright Notice -

All VAlzheimer Studio works, images and downloads posted on this address are copyrighted to VAlzheimer Studio only and are not to be reposted, reuploaded or reshared elsewhere without the written consent of the original author, unless stated otherwise. 

For all sharing purposes you are free to use the source link from this website.


By entering the web address http://valzheimer.info it is considered that you have agreed and understood the general rules of this website and that you shall not make abuse of the content presented here, as well that you are ready to be subjected to any legal actions required to protect VAlzheimer Studio from art theft and art abuse if it is considered that you did not follow these rules.

- Frequently Asked Questions -

Q: What is "VAlzheimer Studio" about?
A: VAlzheimer Studio is a team of friends creating contents for DAZ Studio and doing HQ 3D rendering and digital design. Read more about the Studio on this link.

Q: Are you a vendor at Daz3D/RDNA/Renderosity?
A: No, but vendors are very nice people to learn from and follow online on Facebook and Deviantart to keep track of new art, contents and tutorials.

Q: Can I use your art for commercial and non-commercial purposes?
A: No. Unless stated otherwise, art published here is to be shared elsewhere only with my strict permission and with full respect of the logo and signature of VAlzheimer Studio, and in order to do so you need to contact me first. For stock resources different rules apply and you can find them here: link.

Q: I'm a content creator, are you available for content testing and being hired for doing promo renders for my products?
A: Yes. As long as your content works with DAZ Studio, I'll be more than happy to offer my services.

Q: Do you do commissions and requests?
A: Depending on available time at my hands I can consider a commission, but I keep my right to set up a fee or to decline a requested project. If the project matches my own taste and needs I can also agree to do it for free.

Q: How can I contact you personally?
A: I'm always available via email at valzheimer(a)gmail.com, official Facebook page's Message option or at Deviantart. You can also visit the Contact Page of this website and contact The Studio from there.

Q: How experienced are you at 3D Modeling?
A: DAZ Studio is a 3D posing application using premade contents available at online stores. 3D modeling is creating contents in other 3D applications, out of witch I'm succesfully handling Sculptris, Blender and am at the beginners stage with Hexagon. I use named applications in customizing contents already made for DAZ, especially for my custom characters, although I don't do modeling from scratch yet. As for DAZ Studio, I've been working with it daily since winter 2012/2013.

Q: Can you make me a 2D logo/avatar/wallpaper/flyer/poster?
A: Yes, but you will need to contact me with details so we can agree if my resources, conditions and skills match your needs.

Q: Can you make a character for my 3D game?
A: No. DAZ has very strict rules about redistributing 3D contents made for/with DAZ and Poser and those are not to be used for 3D games but only for applications specified by their EULA, which include DAZ and Poser.

Q: How many characters have you made so far and can I get them?
A: I made plenty, but there are 4 main characters that I use frequently in my renders. They haven't been redistributed so far. You can find out more about them on Characters Page on this website.

Q: I'm learning DAZ and I need help. Can I contact you?
A: Make sure to check my tutorials section on this page, if you have an issue with using the latest version of DAZ Studio, feel free to contact me via email. Depending on available time I have, I will do my best to respond.

Verica Alzheimer & VAlzheimer Studio

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