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Announcement: This is the archive of the old website and the page has been moved to VAlzheimer Official some pages might not work as expected on this page!

This page features a list of useful links of software, addons,  places and people that we recommend visiting  if you are using DAZ Studio and Poser or you are simply interested in 3Dimensional art. If you want your name on the list, send us your link with a short descriptions via our Contact Page. The link you send us doesn't necessarily need to be your official website, it can also be a blog, deviantart or your facebook profile as long as it features YOUR 3D-oriented art only, or you can suggest a certain website you think should be featured here. 

Powerful 3D applications:

Render Engines:

DAZ Studio in-app addons, plugins and helpers:

Official DAZ/Poser stores:

General 3D portals and websites:

[link] [link]

3D adult content and artists websites:

[link] [link]

Notable vendors of DAZ and Poser content:

[link] [link]

Artists personal pages and websites:

[link] [link]

Facebook Groups (joining requers registration at facebook.com):

[link] [link]

DeviantArt Groups (joining requires registration at deviantart.com):

[link] [link]

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