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Posted by : Verica Hupe - VAlzheimer October 6, 2014

Finally here it is! VAlzheimer Studio is proud to present #AllAboutFaith - project starting October 2014. This time it is *all about Faith*, our beloved digital muse now taking form of a real time existing character. You will be able to interact with her on social networks, ask questions, give ideas, learn more about her habits and see her in more private situations than before. Yes, after over a year in the Studio, Faith is now coming alive and showing her real character behind modeling, acting and cosplay. We already partially introduced you to lovely Ms Faith Fawkes's profile we plan to do a full Faith characterization upon.

You can follow Faith Fawkes apart from VAlzheimer Studio on 
Facebook, Tumblr and Instagram
through tags and hashtag #AllAboutFaith.

Faith figure was in her first creation in VAlzheimer Studio beginning June to July 2013 and first time publicly published in a render July 8th which is considered to be her 30th birthday. Starting off as Genesis 1 figure in 2014 she evolved into Genesis 2 Female 100% custom sculpt created and copyrighted by our own Verica Alzheimer, using DAZ Studio,Sculptris and Blender. Due to her growing popularity and her basically becoming the branded face (and the body) of VAlzheimer Studio as the original unredistributable figure (which she will permanently remain forward on), this characterization project is created to bring her closer to our friends, fans and followers without redistributing the shape but giving you the closer insight into what she originally represents, as well as plenty other surprises including freebies and other materials we will disclose as the project takes off.

So far we have gathered plenty ideas and questions about Faith herself so we encourage you to continue working with us through the Studio or her personal profiles so we would develop her together into the icon she was created to be and deserves to become. As always, VAlzheimer Studio is open for suggestions, questions and all and any feedback on our newest project.

Less talk more rock… ;) You can always find us on these links:

VAlzheimer Studio:

Official website: http://valzheimer.info
Email contact: valzheimer@gmail.com

Faith Fawkes:

Email contact: faithfawkes@gmail.com

To catch up on VAlzheimer Studio works including Faith and see her evolution through the past year you can use the following link: http://www.valzheimer.info/search/label/Faith

Thank you and see you with the next render! Don’t forget, it’s #AllAboutFaith <3

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