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Posted by : Verica Hupe - VAlzheimer March 29, 2014

click image for full view (2500x2000px)

Because after the hard work there has to be the afterparty.

Featuring "The Magnificent Four": Fredd, Faith, Devin and Pete, all custom Genesis 2 characters.

Resources: Bright Loft, Exnem Glass Ensamble, Bar and Poolside props; Azumi, EYEris, Dental Plan, Casual Long Hair, Sexy Openside Tank Outfit; Elite Texture Dave, Unshaved Bundle, Metal Madness, Streetwear Shirt, Day By Day, Street Casuals, Sickle Yield's Baggy Sweats; Jaime, Micah hair; Wynter hair, Vault Rustler, Stalker Girl pants, Devin's own skin, Cute 3D Boots.

Technical: Camera with DOF, Uber Environment 2, 2 specular lights, 1 distant light, 3 point lights - rendered in DAZ Studio 4.6 using 3Delight render engine, no postwork.

All other characters, posing and scene customization by VAlzheimer Studio.

Thank you for looking!

Note: you are not allowed to edit, reproduce or repost this artwork elsewhere without the strict written permission of VAlzheimer Studio. For more information please refer to Rules and FAQ section of this webpage. Thank you.

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  1. Wonderful work as usual, my friend! Great poses adn expressions! <3 :)

    PS: It´s me!! "0Snow-White0" =D

    1. Thank you darling ^^ And thanks for stopping by :)

  2. Well done for all the hard work & this image looks great!
    Just look at Pete & Devin, lol.
    Thanks for your tribute on "you-know-where" ;) xx

    1. They are sooo cute, dontcha' think? :D I had some people complaining about the imp getting a beauty, had to announce I'm going to block that kind of attitude - equality goes for all my models including him ^^

      No worries, I actually had to calm down quite a bit for some time to post that journal. I was so happy to see others stepping in for the support, you most certainly deserved every single nice word spoken out there. Moderators should get themselves to think if it was worth pissing so many people off with their stupidity. Love ya, hope they end up at least refunding you the membership <3

    2. Tyrien has Shay & they are meant for each other, so I totally agree with Pete & Devin XD.
      Thanks for being a true friend babe. Luv ya right back xx

    3. Oh I SO agree with that! ^^ Whsch reminds me, now that the Walking Dead is on pause till November I could finally get to transfer some GOT-like stuff and render them too :D

      As I said before - friendship well deserved, I enjoy our interactions from the very beginning, you're the one who inspired me to improve when I just started with this, and besides... that other place is evolving into some serious crap.

  3. Looking great as always, Love there expressions. you've got an nice place here.

    1. Thank you hon ^^ Now that we're all here now's the time to render and party on ;)


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